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Wine Educator

4.6 ( 2576 ratings )
Стиль життя Освіта
Розробник: Crystal-Games
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About Wine Educator:
Wine Educator is a special application to prepare yourself in a fun and innovative way for a wine course or wine exam. In addition, wine trainer gives you the ability to create tasting notes based on your observations. The application will help you with a suggestion of the grape and region the wine could be from.

All stored information about grapes, regions, tastes, climate and type of wine can be found in the encyclopedia.

*** April 2012 - Wine Educator achieved 8th place (Education) in the appstore ! ***

Wine educators features
• Training:
In this section you can prepare for a wine course or wine exam .
The training consists of multiple choice questions and topography. After each question you can see whether you have given the right answer. If you have answered a question incorrectly, you will always see the correct answer.

Wine Educator distinguishes itself from other wine applications by the fact that questions are not preprogrammed, which is in other apps often the case. This will make you learn the necessary knowledge instead of memorizing questions. Because all the questions are generated in real time, there is in fact an infinite number of questions available to you and you can really expand your wine knowledge.

• Tasting Notes:
Wine tasting can also be trained by filling out tasting notes. The application make smart suggestions about wine grapes and wine regions based on your note. This helps you to learn to recognize wines. You can also save any tasting notes and adjust them if necessary.

• Reference:
All information used in the application can be looked up in the encyclopedia.
For example: you can click from the country information to area information, you see clearly what climate and grape color is common in the area. You can also see which grapes are often used in the area and what characteristics these grapes have. This is just a minor example of which type of information can be found in the encyclopedia.

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